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Pick up the orchid, the black one and only.

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Ellis Paul Jun. 20th, 2005 @ 04:08 pm
She Loves a Girl
from Translucent Soul

You grew up thinking you knew her
Nothing could keep you apart
You remember nothing peculiar
She always spoke from the heart

You took your parents' religion
And you drank it down like a coke
It helped to quench your confusion
Now look who's heart that it broke

She loves a girl
She loves a girl
She loves a girl
What are you gonna do --
If you love her too?

A gold and white invitation
Your parents will not attend
They put a knife to the blood line
When the couple became more than friends

The preacher sang "Hallelujah"
But it rang more like a curse
One love at the cost of another
Man, that's when love really hurts


So take a seat
In the world of the open minded
And when you speak, tell them
Even love can be blinded

You think more of the future
When change brings your past to an end
Use your love like a suture
That's a good place to begin


© Ellis Paul Music (SESAC) 1998
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<Noise>: Ellis Paul

tired and bitchy Feb. 27th, 2005 @ 01:50 am
ive bene up for 20 hours now and i am a little tired wouldnt you think? yeah well my day was bad up untill lunch.. that was nice.. well getting my hair cut was nice to but i really missed chels and i was so proud of how well she did. all my friends sept me and jeff made ones. Congrats Chels, Stepi, and Pressy. im abotuu to pass out ,..,,... im so tired all the time it's anoying..

Feb. 21st, 2005 @ 06:07 pm

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Feb. 14th, 2005 @ 07:23 pm

happy v day all

*droopy eyes...* Jan. 26th, 2005 @ 10:22 pm
im tired but there is no use going to bed yet, chelsey gets home at 11 and calls me to tell me good night. makes wed. longer than others, but today has been a little longer than others.... i had to be at school at 7 for clarinet chior... well we didnt even look at more than one piece. im 2nd part, i really like it. i am going to practice really hard so i dont make myself look like an idiot infront of christina and adam... i hope they dont think im a loser... i try very hard... i have been! Jeff wasnt there at the begining of band and Davy chose me to tune the band ^_^ i felt so exsited and scared at the same time.. i really liked it. i actually played better than Jeff on the piece we got today but i didnt play as well as derek... but he is suposed to be on 3rd part cause he is very strong player... but that would mean if he was gone i would have to sit by jessica and victoria and they dont like me too much for reasons i am not to sure of... victoria seems to be friends with a couple of my friends- jeremy and logan. Chior sucked..... she hates me alot for reasons that are unknown to me... i really wish i could just have one chior teacher that would like me. ms logan liked me but i grew up and grew better than her... *sighs* well i forgot to call my dad so i am going to go do that so i can tell him about the latin trip meeting tomorrow.

i pray to all the gods and goddesses that i find that little red spiral...
....they dont understand... my life depends on finding that journal...

have a wonderful week everybody
p.s. everyone should come to buzz's on friday for a little bit just to hang out ^_~

love yah all,
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» free...
im sick and tired of being sick and tired.....

i just want to sleep...
i dun wanna itch anymore...
i dun wanna cough anymore...

i hope Aja has/is haveing fun at that concert...
i should spend more time with Aja...
she is a good person...
i know alot of good people...
i know some bad too...

i hope chelsey get's home soon...

im tired...
and sick...
all.... *PUKE* bleh
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» *"snow" day*
today we are out of school. i got up at 10 cause i just couldnt posibly sleep any longer. Then i got up and tried to read but there were too many other things i could be doing so i made breakfast (toast, waffle, cerial), then i watched this TV show on things with wheels (busses and trash trucks,PBS shows rock), then i took a really nice long bath with some bath salt chelsey gave me for my bday and some really nice soap (tea tree soap *Dreamy eyes*), then i took my finger nail polish off and put on some new... and then i took some pictures of my cats and emailed them to myself so that adventually i can update my website and such not. Now i am sitting here after talking to Zakk and hearing him gloat about how if he has school tomorrow he will only have one day of school this week (yesterday was supossed to be their first day back but the ice stopped that). purty soon i am going to call chelsey-darling and see if she is up. I dont know if i can drive but hopefully i will get to see her today. i still have to clean my room and the hall. maybe we wont have school tomorrow either.. that would be awesome. Today i am missing a geometry test and a biology test. tomorrow we have a motovational speeker... urg... i singed up to try out for the good band.. that is on monday next week... and i havent even looked at the music! * i smell good!! i like my soaps and salts ^__^* the ice has melted a bit and is dripping off the house, it sounds like rain!
im upset because i cant go to zakk and alison's wedding (june 11th (10th?)) because i will be in greece at the time... *sighs* i get back on the 14th.... chelsey's sister is getting married and i am invited to california for the wedding.. i wonder when that is.. i hope that it isnt between the dates of may31st and june14th... *sighs*
im going to make a website soon so all be on the look out for that!
have a nice day off everyone!
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And I know I can feel bad
When I get in a bad mood
And the world can look so sad
Only you make me feel good
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